25 jun. 2012

The 4th CliNK Meeting Summary

The 4th CliNK meeting was held in Toulouse on the 18th and 19th June 2012.

After the welcome by the organizer, Anne Marie Caminade, Remy Poupot, collaborator of Dr. Caminade at Toulouse, explained the details about using dendrimers to activate NK cells and their applications also to inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Next, Alberto Anel gave administrative and communication news from the administrator and the communication manager, and showed data on the use of different cytokine combinations and different feeder cells to stimulate the growth and the cytotoxic potential of isolated human NK cells.

Afterwards, Julian Pardo show the results of the work made in collaboration with other teams of the consortium (Carlos Vilches, Miguel Lopez-Botet and Martin Villalaba) to analyze the effect of activated NK cells against cells from chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients, with very promising results.

Aura Muntaseel, from Miguel Lopez-Botet group showed afterwards her data about the effect of NKG2C gene copy number on the expansion of the NKG2C+ NK cells in response to CMV infection. She also showed a detailed study on signal transduction differences stimulated by NKG2C cross-linking in the different donors analyzed.

Carlos Vilches talked then about the ongoing projects of his group, related with KIR genotyping in different pathological conditions, while Manuela Moraru showed data on succesful NK cell amplification protocols using B lymphoblastoid cell lines.

Martin Villalba showed data on improved conditions to induce the expansion of NK cells from umbilical cord blood using also B lymphoblastoid cell lines and specific combinations of cytokines.

Finally, Jean François Rossi showed results on 260 patients receiving allogenic transplantations, in which NK cells reactivation by EBV infection was correlated with a better outcome.

The meeting ended on Tuesday with a discussion in which all the assistants participated, related to questions on the data showed on Monday, the establishment of an optimal protocol of NK cell expansion associated with increase in cytotoxicity and the prospects for the future. The intention of the consortium is clearly to continue with this very enriching scientific collaboration, and we will apply for funding in the near future.

It was also proposed to organize the last meeting of the consortium in Madrid

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